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Tried and True Tricks to a Sparkling Clean Kitchen

Tackle food messes with this comprehensive collection of targeted and tested cleaning methods.
Posted by Matt H. Dannals on February 16, 2017 in  uncategorized
VICTORIA KEICHINGER Guest post from Mitchell Parker, Houzz Contributor Your kitchen probably saw a lot of action during the holidays. How that splatter of mashed sweet potatoes got on the ceiling is anyone’s guess. But that mess just means it’s time for a deep cleaning. Here we round up a collection of cleaning guides that, if followed, will help you get your countertops, appliances, floors and more shining like new. Appliances A good portion of your deep-cleaning efforts should foc... read more

5 Things You Need to Know Before DIY-ing A Home Improvement Project

Don’t plan to tackle a home project DIY style until you read these tips from someone who has had a lifetime of experience!
Posted by Matt H. Dannals on February 09, 2017 in  uncategorized
Completing a home project DIY-style sounds great on paper, but it’s always best to know what you’re getting into prior to starting. Luckily, we have an in-house DIY expert right here at the Coldwell Banker home office, Mr. Jimmy Hammel. While by day Jimmy focuses on digital marketing, you’d think he is a full time contractor if you talk to him about everything he does outside of work. I asked him to spill his top tips for DIY-ing a home project; here’s what he had to say. 1. Don... read more

Why Virtual Reality May Sell Your Home For You

Virtual reality may just be the competitive edge your home needs in a crowded marketplace.
Posted by Matt H. Dannals on January 26, 2017 in  uncategorized
In a competitive real estate market, every edge counts. And the reality is, sometimes standard photos just aren’t enough. That’s why Coldwell Banker is at the vanguard of a movement towards virtual reality, a cutting edge technology that can transport the viewer to a different environment. In other words, you could virtually visit a home from the comfort of your own couch. But, why VR? With virtual reality, people retain memories of being in a place the same way as if they actually saw it in perso... read more

Clever Disguises for Common Household Eyesores

These clever tricks will help keep common household eyesores hidden in plain sight!
Posted by Matt H. Dannals on December 15, 2016 in  uncategorized
Not every aspect of owning a home is pretty. Appliances, electronics, heating and cooling equipment—necessary though they may be, don’t exactly make for magazine-worthy home decor. But you know what they say in the interior design world—when the going gets tough, the tough get decorating! Name almost any common household eyesore and you can bet there’s a boatload of camouflage out there that will help you send them out of mind, and more importantly – out of sight. Most ... read more

Your Home’s December Honey Do List

December may be the busiest time of year, but this list of home to do’s will have you ready for the holidays in time to actually
Posted by Matt H. Dannals on December 01, 2016 in  uncategorized
December is arguably the busiest month of the year, so it’s important to get started on your home’s to do list early. Follow this guide to prepping your home for the holidays, so that you can actually enjoy them! 1. Clean out your fridge – While you may still be eating your way through Thanksgiving leftovers, it’s prime time to make room for more holiday goodies. Before the next big holiday grocery shop, take 20 minutes to clean out your fridge. If you’re feeling really ambi... read more